Who We Are


    Becoming a member of the Overseas Women’s Club Bangalore is for many, one of the first things they have on their checklist when arriving from an overseas home. Before they even move into their new homes, we meet women and men who are eager to meet other foreigners living in this wonderful city. We are so happy to welcome new residents of Bangalore to our many coffee mornings throughout the city each month. New members have ten options in the month to meet other members across Bangalore. We even have two exclusive Newcomer Coffee Mornings each month where new members can meet and network. It is always nice to meet a kindred spirit when you are just starting out in a new city.

    After settling in, unpacking, and arranging, you might be asking yourself “What to do now?” Membership brings with it many opportunities for social events as well as being involved with the organization and giving back. We are very fortunate to live the lives we do in a country that is so welcoming to us. In addition to the many charities that we help to support, there are a wide variety of opportunities to volunteer your time within the OWC itself. You can help facilitate or even lead one of our many committees and to make life a little easier for our members.

    We can always use volunteers for OWC Coffee Morning Greeters, organizing LunchBunch outings, distributing our Rangoli magazine once a month, signing up new members, and the list goes on. Since we are an organization driven by volunteers, we can always use more help; whether for only an hour each week, a one time event or even serving on the Executive Committee, we are happy to have you join us. We look forward to meeting you at one of our many scheduled events or an OWC Coffee Morning.