OWC Fundraising

Since the day the Overseas Women’s Club of Bangalore was established, fundraising has played a very important role. Of course we are a fun group to be a part of, but besides all the fun, great events and bonding amongst expats and NRI’s, it is also important to give back to the city that has so wamly welcomed us.


Our Fundraising and Events teams work together to serve the same goal; raising as much money as we can for our deserving charities. Each year we build a calendar of events, including India Night, Christmas Bazaar and the Indian Summer Bazaar - our three biggest fundraising events.


For these events, we need not only the help of our OWC volunteers, but also the help of our community for funds or for gifts-in-kind. This is a big part of the job that fundraising does. We are proud to say that each and every year we have been able to count on this community and the many wonderful OWC volunteers that contribute to our success.


Organizing, creating and bringing these events to life if not something we do on our own as Fundraising, we do it as a team.


Besides these events, Fundraising is also involved in raising money throughout the year. At the beginning of the out fiscal year(1st April), we send letters  letter to all of our sponsors and potential future sponsors. And than the real work starts; we hit the road and visit each sponsor to ask them for their support. It is a busy but fulfilling job as we know that the money we raise helps so many in need.


And for all sponsors or potential future sponsors please do contact us and become a part of the OWC Bangalore. Click on ‘Sponsor with Us’ at the bottom of our Home page for more information or email fundraising@owcbangalore.org.

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